Norway 2011

It’s midnight. I am standing on the edge of the 590 m high Floya peak. The sea glitters in the depth behind, and the horizon in front is full of sharp mountain peaks, touched by the last sunrays. Or maybe these are the first sunrays, because the sun will not get under the surface, but will start the climb on the sky any moment now. This is just a moment of my four-week journey in Norway when I hitch-hike across the country from its Capital Oslo to Lofoten Islands and back. There are few more memories, clear in my mind: the endless uphill walking to conquer the 1,800 m Skåla peak; or the continuous rain that has kept me in my tent for 36 hours in the foot of Hurungane Mountain; and most of all the timeless white nights of midnight sun spent in taking photos.

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